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I began my spiritual awakening over 10 years ago.  Through a series of hardships I began to look for answers from within as to why these things were repeatedly happening in my life.  I sought and was drawn to working with therapists, counselors and healers for self-development and releasing pain but what I discovered was far more than I could have imagined.  Many things were falling apart in my life while in other ways they were coming together but I wasn't happy and I didn't truly understand why.  I had enough and decided to forfeit the way I thought things should be in my career and asked God to show me who I was.  I had enough of trying to be someone I was not.  As soon as I asked the question, I heard in my intuition that I was a healer.  I thought the whole idea was crazy at first but I kept getting confirmation over the coming months that this was true. In fact when I look back on my life I realized that every job I chose and every relationship I was connected to all pointed back to this fact. Once I began to accept my calling to help others as I knew how, I was naturally drawn to hobbies that were all related to healing.  I fell into a job working as a "counselor" at a call center where I helped several clients heal and get their life back on track in the way of happiness.  I didn't even realize the value of what I was doing until my first encounter with a high profile client.  After working with her, she made it very clear to me of the impact I had on others.  This prompted me to study to become a certified life coach. 

​-Teresa B.

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