After School Program Policy


All payments are due on the 1st of the month with the exception of the first class. Payments for the first class are due on or before the class begins. If payment is not received by the 10th of the month, there will be a $10 late fee applied to the account.  There is a returned check fee of $35

Payments may be made via our website at,  over the phone or by submitting payments to the Dance Arts Education folder at the school and not. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH and WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENTS HANDED DIRECTLY TO TEACHERS.

You may sign up for recurring payments by selecting the option on the registration form provided.  Registration forms are also provided on the back of  the brochures at your school.

School Closings:

We follow the same schedule as the county your child's school is located in.  In most cases an early dismissal day will result in an earlier class time.

Make up classes:
If a student misses a class he/she may make-up the class as long as there is an equivalent class available at the same location. Content may not be the same in each class.  If a teacher calls out and a substitute teacher is  unavailable to teach the class, D.A.E. will provide a make up class for children to attend.

Emails will be sent throughout the year to the email address provided.  These emails are confirmation of your child’s enrollment into the program.


Dance Arts Education    
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Phone:   404-426-5541



Are you a prospective school looking to have dance and acting as a part of your  after school, preschool or church program? Contact us below. 

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